Monday, August 15, 2011

Fro-Yo to go!

As you read in my previous post, I have been going a bit "stir-crazy" this summer. However, I did accomplish at least one incredibly imporant feat. Tasting frozen yougurt from ALL of the local venues.

Seriously, somebody needed to do it. So you are welcome in advance for what I undertook on my time off.

My love of all things frozen yogurt goes back. Way back. This blog will start where it all began...

It was the summer between 4th and 5th grades and the Mill Creek Plaza was definitely a "hot spot" for all of us kids. There was no fancy "Town Center" as stands today. We could either ride bikes to Albertson's, Shari's, a couple pizza places, and a Crownbook Store (you know, the small bookstore that existed before the GIANT chains took over, but I will save that rant for another day).

The magical summer when I was 10, a new place opened. A frozen yogurt store, called TCBY. I remember riding there with my friend, Shannon after scrapping together enough change to purchase two 99 cent sundaes. The yogurt was delicious and I was hooked.

Now, frozen yogurt has become the newest dessert trend in the area, with new stores opening weekly! Here is my synopsis of the three I have tried recently:

Menchies, Lynnwood: EVERYBODY was talking about this place, but since I despise driving, especially on the freeway, I was estatic when one opened near my house.
Pros: LOTS of flavor and toppings to select from. I opted for the tart and the red velvet cake, along with some cookie dough on top. I liked being able to serve myself and the yougurt had a good texture and flavor.
Cons: Serving yourself means so does everybody else. I was okay with this until I saw a boy stick his hand in the gummy bears. It was also a bit messy. My husband, Adam, announced that his yogurt was gross and that nothing compared to TCBY and was confused as to why it was so popular.

Revolations in Edmonds: This new fro-yo spot in downtown edmonds is always packed with families, couples, and teens. I had heard great things, so I went here next. Yes, on the very same day I visited Menchies. Don't judge. I was on a mission, and also, the Mechies was for lunch...this was dinner.
Pros: Lots of flavors and toppings. It was almost exactly like Menchies, with many different options to select from. I liked being able to sample as many as I wanted as well. My traditional chocolate flavor was pretty good, but not great. The stawberry topping I selected a stopping was delicious and all of the fruit seemed to be very fresh.
Cons: Again, the thought of so many people handling food grosses me out, and although I did not see anybody grab with their hands here, I am sure it occurs. Also, this place was pricy. Over five dollars for one yogurt. And, mine was not even that full!

TCBY, Lynnwood: My old favorite, now closed in Mill Creek, but this one is actually closer to my house now. Since Adam was raving about its greatness,I decided to make a little visit yesterday (before you think I am an addict, this was NOT the same day I visited the first two).
Pros: This yogurt was definitely the best of the three. I ordered a small bowl of the traditional tart flavor and my old fav-white chocolate mouse! Both were rich, creamy and had great flavor. Also, no grubby hands touching the toppings (cookie dough and sprinles). The girl at the counter wore gloves.
Cons: Not as many options, but I am thinking this is a good thing, as many of the yogurt options at the first two were nothing to write home about. It is also in a bad location, which is why I think it might not be as crowded?

The newer stores in the area may offer more selection as far as toppings and flavors go, but come on, TCBY has been around for ages. Also, customers may get a kick out of being able to serve themselves for a time, but the novelty will eventually wear off...or they will get grossed out when they see somebody sneeze or stick their hand in the toppings.

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  1. And now I want froyo! Since I can't remember the last time I had some, I think it is definitely time.