Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pet Peeves, part 2

"Pet Peeves" because...why not?

1) When I am on a run and cross paths with a person smoking a cigarette. Totally ruins the fresh air I am trying to breathe and always seems to linger in the air for the next few meters.

2) Parents that suck and don't do their jobs, and then expect the school to handle their kids.

Example: A mother of a student of mine had to come in for a conference after her son was very disrespectful to my substitute teacher. This student is...well, a complete asshole (sorry, no way to sugar-coat it). When I met the mother, I realized from whom he inherited his shining personality. Before I could speak, she says, "I feel like I shouldn't have to come to this school unless my son beats the shit out of somebody! Can't you guys just send him to do detention in the office or something?"

True story

3) Pouring a nice cup of coffee in the morning, only to realize the creamer is gone.

4) When shows that are "On Demand" don't allow fast forwarding.

5) Annoying neighbors.

Example: My 45-year-old neighbor, who is mooching off his mom, smokes weed in his car ALL day and has no job. He likes to complain that the people doing maintenance on our townhouses aren't working hard enough, and points out people who are "white trash" or "bad neighbors." Have you looked in the mirror buddy? I don't know if this is really a pet peeve or just situational irony?

6) Still not knowing who "A" is on Pretty Little Liars. I have been watching the show for several years now, and every season I think we are going to find out...nope.

7) When you see the movie after reading the book. I just saw Divergent and was disappointed with the cutting of major scenes and the rearranging of others. In a way, I was also secretly glad, because we read the book in my classes and I always tell the kids this is the case. Always exciting to hear a sixth-grader say they liked the book better than the movie!

8) Going to the grocery store and having them put all your items in myriad of plastic bags after you specifically ask for paper. Yes, they still dispense plastic bags up in Lynnwood.

Not to complain for this entire post, here are some things that made me smile this week:

- Waking up early to play with Andrew before I go to work in the morning. It is my favorite time. Even when it is 5 am

- Watching Teddy and Andrew chase one another around the ottoman.

- Actually remembering to put something in the crockpot for dinner

- Getting fresh flowers from Adam when he stopped by the store

- Going for a quick run on my way home from work