Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Surprise...

Let me begin by saying I am rarely surprised. By anything. Teaching Middle School and hearing things like, "somebody peed all over the bathroom floor" or catching 13-year-olds making out in the hall (yuck) causes one to become immune to occurrences most would find shocking.

Even as a kid, I was difficult to surprise. I used to peek at ALL of my Christmas gifts (no matter how hard I tried not to look) and could always count on my mom to send me a "surprise" care package in college for each holiday (it always included a pair of socks). There was even one year when I wanted to plan my own surprise birthday party (sad, I know).

Basically, I am somebody who usually knows what is going on...I am constantly on my toes at all times.

This all changed however on my first day back at school this year. I have to say... I have never, ever been so surprised in my entire life.

As all teachers know, the first day of school is when you are pretty much in your "teaching zone" just attempting to get through the day. There are mixed- up schedules, new names to learn, concerns with lockers, supplies, etc. There is no time for thinking- it is "Go, go, go" all day long.

Around 2:00pm, I was most diffidently in the "zone" focusing on the many tasks at hand that first BIG day, unaware of the world which existed outside of Voyager Middle School.
Suddenly my boyfriend Adam, of nearly 4 1/2 years walks into my classroom, moves his way to the front and in front of all my students, bends down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

Finally, I was surprised. So surprised, I was in fact... speechless. With my mouth agape for several moments, I stared at Adam in awe and amazement.

Of course, I answered "yes" once I ceased shaking and my heart slowed back to a semi-normal rythym.

I love the fact that Adam was so thoughtful and thought up such a wonderfully special and romantic moment to remember and share the rest of our lives. I cannot wait for him to continue surprising me and leaving me in awe for the rest of our lives together. Truly, I am blessed to have found such a wonderful guy!

* There is a video, but at this time I am not able to download it to the blog... hopefully I will figure it out soon!