Saturday, March 23, 2013

Unsolicited Advice

Before I begin, let me say that I honestly did attempt to blog about a topic other than pregnancy, but my life has been seriously boring as of late. The only other topics that came to mind had to do with going back to school or teaching...which I think might be even more dull.

You may remember back in December when I stated that I did not look pregnant. Well, I definitely do now. I am really starting to question the validity of the show "I didn't know I was Pregnant" because I not only look REALLY pregnant, but feel that way as well! In fact, both random strangers and people I know like to make comments regarding the matter. Really tactful statements such as:

- Oh wow! You still have two months!? You're stomach is HUGE!
    Thanks, I had no idea. What stomach?

- Are you sure there are not two babies in there?
            Eff off. That is only response that comes to mind here...

- He is really sticking out front. That must be uncomfortable.
        Nope, I feel totally normal. Except that I cannot paint my toenails or wear normal pants...

- Are you sure you should be working out? Isn't that bad for the baby? You could fall.
               Let me add  that my workouts consist of doing yoga, walking and workouts from "Crossfit Moms" (designed specifically for pregnant women). I have yet to see anybody take a tumble whilst in a downward-facing dog or doing squats.

- You should not be reaching above your head. The baby could strangle on the cord!
       Um...pretty sure this is the most ridiculous statement I have heard. Although, it could get me out of lots of work!

- Coffee? Are you supposed to have that when you are pregnant?
      A woman actually had the nerve to ask me this at Starbucks. Rather than give her the medical response (that some caffeine is okay) I simply glared at her.

- Do you plan on getting an epidural? I did it naturally because I really wanted to experience childbirth and I did not want my baby born drugged out.
     I honestly had no response to this comment either. I just smiled and said,"that's nice."

As of this week, I officially have two months left before my due date and we are both getting anxious to meet (the still unnamed) baby boy.

 I will be the first to admit...I am a bit worried about having an actual baby here to take care of because it is a little human we will be completely responsible for. However, parents have been doing it forever and I do know that every baby is different and we will have to see what our little guy is like. (I am already assuming he will stay awake ALL night and SLEEP during the day-since that is his schedule now). I am am also prepared for more comments and advice from strangers after the baby has arrived (shifting from pregnancy tips to child-raising tips).

Honestly, I think we will be able to figure it out (and we have TONS of friends with babies to ask for advice if needed).

Besides, due to my experience teaching middle school kids, I know that caring for a baby seems to be a piece of cake compared to raising a teenager! At least a baby cannot talk back to you or sneak out of the house...