Thursday, August 4, 2011

A facial; a wake-up call

For my 30th Birthday, my wonderful sister (thanks Meag!)sent me a spa day at my favorite salon in Edmonds. This package included a facial, which I immediately booked for the soonest appointment possible.

I waltzed into the Ombu Salon sans make-up and ready for some great relaxation while I was the recipient of a nice face massage and treatment. God knows, I needed it, as my skin had been feeling rather well...tired as of late.

The facial was an excellent one; excellent rejuvenation of my skin with some serious exfoliation. I was lying there, wishing that I could afford facials on a regular basis when the esthetician stated:

" You should really look into a skin-care regimen. You know, now that you are in your 30's. It can help stop any further damage to your skin."

Just to be fair, she said this after I informed her that my "skin care regimen" involved some Aveeno face wash and sun screen. And, I was not really too insulted as she was older than me and informed me that she too, was a sun worshipper in her teens. And had proceeded to lay out in with no sunscreen, just oil. She continued stating that most of the damage to my skin had occurred at least 10 years ago (baby oil days). Apparently, the only way to rid my skin of that damage is with laser treatments.

She showed me some of the products she used at the counter after the service. I only bought one item (the exfoliate, which is amazing) before I got sucked into buying EVERYTHING she used on my skin.

Afterward, I headed to Target and stocked up on: Lifting lotion with Retin A, moisturizer with sunscreen, night cream, and toning lotion. I was set. Ready to protect my skin. After all, who wants to look like leather when they are 60? Not this girl?

Since that day at the salon, I have been faithfully using the exfoliate, the creams, applying sunscreen and I even donned a hat while reading in the sun.

The hardest part of all of this is that I cannot see the immediate results that my ADD personality demands. I was hoping to see my skin looking and feeling MUCH younger overnight! Not the case. Although, it does feel a bit smoother now, a few weeks into the treatments.

The big question is: will being cautious now save me from looking old and aged later? or is it too late?

Has the fun I had in my teens ruined my looks forever? Well at least if that is the case, I had fun doing it. I would not take back the careless days of summer, spread out on a beach towel at a pool, the beach, or in a backyard.

I would have, perhaps like to go back and tap my teenage self on the shoulder and hand her a bottle of SPF 30!

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