Monday, June 24, 2013

Lessons Learned in month #1

As of yesterday, Andrew is 5 weeks old. Certainly, both Adam and myself have learned a great deal in the month+ of being new parents. Basic things like using a Diaper Genie, bathing a newborn or tips for burping a baby or how to assemble an infant swing.

 Also, there are those lessons that one cannot learn simply from reading a book or a guide: Never, for example, did I think I could love somebody so much after first meeting them. I now understand what parents mean when they say this.

There are however, myriad of random tidbits of information I discovered thus far in my life as a new mom:

1) There is an entire channel dedicated to 80's sitcoms (HUB) and you can even catch "Who's the Boss" reruns at 2am.

2) It is possible to shower and get ready in 20 minutes.

3) That being said, I never fathomed I might have to choose whether to nap or get ready for the day. Or even needing a nap at all for that matter.

4) Going to do anything by MYSELF feels refreshing and somewhat weird. This includes trips to the grocery store.

5) Although I cannot actually work out yet, I feel my arms are getting quite strong from lifting the BOB stroller out of my trunk. Also, since Andrew only likes it when it is continuously bounced, this adds to the muscle fatigue. Add attempting to walk a dog in the mix, and I think it might beat a Crossfit WOD!


6) It is okay to sing to babies- they do not care if you are (literally) the world's worse singer. It also might be okay to read your baby the newest Dan Brown novel (Inferno) rather than a baby book from time to time. Don't judge- it's the only time I can find to read.

7) Ordering online is the most fantastic thing ever- as are drive-thru restaurants and coffee stands. This was a concept foreign to me prior, as I LOVED getting out of my car and going into said establishment.

8) I never knew beer could taste so delicious. Or that one beer is all I can drink now without really feeling the effects. Probably because this has been the longest time period I have gone without alcohol since I was...I don't know, maybe 16? Again, don't judge.

9) Having a newborn sleep on you makes you feel instantly tired as well. Definitely a cure for insomnia.

10) It is possible to fly by even though all that was done was changing, feeding and playing with a baby all day.

11) The following constantly have "marathons" and you can watch them all day (if you choose): Love it or List It, What Not to Wear, Bones, CSI, Bones, 16 and Pregnant or Criminal Minds.