Monday, December 22, 2014

The 2nd time around

Being pregnant the 2nd time around is certainly a different experience than the first. With the first, people treat you as though you are a delicate, magical being who needs help with things. You have a glow about you, strangers ask about your bump and how you are feeling and what the nursery will look like.

Maternity shoot with Andrew
I really didn't feel sick when I was pregnant with Andrew, so my pregnancy with him was actually kind of "fun."

Now, I  feel tired, huge and instead of a glow...I have dark circles under my eyes. We are not even sure where the new baby will sleep, so the nursery theme will be "a crib."

Yes, there are many differences with this pregnancy versus my first...

1) When I was pregnant with Andrew, I don't recall ever missing alcohol. In fact, it sounded disgusting. However, with #2, I am missing my wine. After a day with crazy middle schoolers, followed by an afternoon and evening with an active toddler (morning too-since he is up by 6am) I was getting used to relaxing at night with a nice class of red wine. Now I have switched to tea, but it is not the same.
Happy Toddler at the beach

2)The first time around, I was so focused on being pregnant, I didn't really put much thought into what life would actually be like once the actual baby arrived. I had been told newborns sleep a lot, so I had visions of Adam and I watching movies at night while the baby slept soundly in a swing. The baby would also come to all of our usual activities- wine tasting, dinner, the gym, etc.. and sleep in a car seat. I had seen other babies doing just that, so I figured ours would to. Wrong. Andrew, although adorable, was an incredibly "high needs" baby who never just "fell asleep" anywhere.

At least this time, don't have high expectations of how easy it will be. However, I am worried about how we will manage if the next one is as needy as Andrew was?

Sweet Andrew- active from an early age
 Maybe though, with subsequent children, parents are more relaxed and it will just seems easier? Let's hope so, because the combination of an incredibly energetic toddler and a fussy newborn might put us all over the edge.

3) When I found out I was pregnant with Andrew, I read every book, anxiously anticipated each doctors appointment and received weekly updates about my baby and what size of fruit Baby Andrew was. We obsessed over possible names and bought tons of baby items for him.

 Today, somebody asked me how many weeks I was, and I realized I had no idea. I actually had to look up the due date online to figure it out...

Sorry-I don't have any actual photos
of myself doing yoga...
4) At the end of the pregnancy with Andrew, Adam and I attended a birthing class, where all of us hugely pregnant women were made to sit in uncomfortable folding chairs while a lady basically told us if we didn't have a natural birth, we were bad parents right from the start. They tried to tell us that dancing around and sitting on a ball, along with yoga would help one to have this kind of birth.

 Guess what? I did yoga nearly everyday and STILL ended up with a C section. I really do admire women that can have a natural birth, but it wasn't in the cards for me. Since I am having a repeat C Section (no, I do not want a VBAC, so don't ask me about it) the only worries I have are what we are going to do with Andrew when I am in the hospital and recovering at home?

Meaghan and I at my wedding...2010
5) I took the rules very seriously with Andrew- no lunch meat, alcohol, raw cookie dough, lifting anything over 25 lbs, sleeping on my back or eating sketchy cheese. While I am still laying off the booze, I did sneak a bit of cookie dough this evening and have consumed lot of cheese. As for the lifting rule? Andrew weighs more than 25 lbs, so that rule is out the door.

The funny thing is that excited as I am about the new baby, I am mostly excited to have two because they will have one another. Even though my sister and I fought sometimes (particularly one incident in Italy where she was sure I stole her gelato money), having a sibling was my favorite part of growing up. Even better? Meaghan and her husband are expecting a baby girl in March, so Andrew and his new sibling will also have a cousin close in age.

Although, I am not sure if either of us are ready or know what life will be like with two kids, I know that we are excited to find out.
Hood Canal