Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So, in class, my students are writing a commentary writing piece. In order to collect ideas, I had them brainstorm a "things that bother me" list. While they were diligently working on their pet peeves, I realized that I should create my own list. And, let me tell you, LOTS of thing bother me. Tons. Here is what I came up with:

1) People who incorrectly use their, there, and they're. They are different words. Learn how to use them properly. Especially if you are over the age of 14. If you need help with the grammar lesson, I would be happy to invite you to my 6th grade classroom for a day.

2) Wet towels on the floor, or really any place except the towel rack.

3) Hair. Not on peoples heads. I mean hair in the sink, stuck to the soap in the shower, or on the floor. Yuck

4) People who give their pets back to the animal shelter. Although, I guess it is better than abandoning them, people give the most ridiculous reasons for bringing them in. Example: A German Shepard was taken to the shelter because his owners did not realize he would grow into a large dog. Really? You did not know he would become a large dog?

5) People who talk loudly on cell phones in public so everybody can hear their conversations. This earns "double annoyance points" if said person is on ANY piece of workout equipment or on a blue tooth. Don't know why, but I find blue tooth headsets incredibly creepy-always thinking the person is speaking to me when, in fact, they are conversing with somebody at the other end of the line.

6) 3-D movies. Yes, it is a cool concept. I remember viewing "Captain Eo" at Disneyland as a young child and being amazed as the creatures (as well as Michael Jackson) flew out at the audience. Now it seems as though every movie coming out is in 3-D. My suggestion to the movie producers is to only create movies in 3-D when it will actually enhance the movie. Sometimes it causes the audience to lose the plot.

7) When you are all ready to make cookies, and realize you are all out of ONE ingredient-eggs, vanilla, etc.

8) People who do not wear deodorant. Enough said.

9) Fashion trends that look terrible on those of us not lucky enough to be built like models: Ugg boots (so comfy, that it is well worth the appearance of "cankles"), skinny jeans with boots over them, those shirts that look like they are for pregnant women, jeggings, and tube tops (although I am guilty of sporting these in college)...just to name a few!

10) Checking out a stack of books from the library and not liking ANY of them. This often happens to me and I am thinking that perhaps I need to spend more time reading the back and the first couple of pages.

11) When I wave at somebody and yell "Hi _________!" Only to realize said person is a complete stranger. Then pretending to wave in another direction.

12) The fact that now when I see people, I ask them questions based off what I have read on the FB pages rather than off of actual conversation. It is, now that I think about it, incredibly strange. While it is nice to stay caught up, I am not sure the best way to begin a conversation with an acquaintance is to ask, "So, I saw on Facebook that you just had a baby. Congratulations."
So, there it is. My list. For today anyhow. I am sure I could come up with a "new list" tomorrow.