Thursday, September 8, 2011


Since my mind is way too exhausted to come up with a clever post (the first two days back at school have wiped me out, I decided to just observe things in my day-to-day life. Some are funny, others annoying, and some just...well, random.

Here are some (random) observations, made by me, over the last few days:

1) Socks should NEVER be worn with Capri pants. Particularly if they are knee-high bright pink socks. And especially on a day where the weather is in the high 80's.

2) There are many people who choose to double-park (in the best spots) in the QFC lot by my house. These are not people with big cars...but average to small cars.This is confusing to me, and annoying when I am attempting to find a place to park. Either people in Edmonds cannot park, or are inconsiderate.

3) Apparently the new craze is to light fireworks on labor day. At least in the Lynnwood/Edmonds area. I was not aware of this and may have to check into purchasing some fireworks of my own next year.

4) Every single year I have been a teacher (7 years now), the person with the job of predicting enrollment is terribly wrong. And, I might add that they are paid A LOT of dough to be so consistently incorrect.

5) It is always hot the first week back at school, even if the summer has been cold. Not fun in a school with no AC and over 30 middle-schoolers in one room. Some of whom who are unaware they need to start applying deodorant.

6) Painting a room looks much easier on those home remodeling shows. You know...the ones where they finish painting an entire room in under an hour and make it look super-eary? Well, it took me over an hour to paint a minuscule bathroom, and I was left with spots that needed to be touched up, and paint all over my arms and face.

7) There are an increasing number of people who use the self-checkout for a full cart of groceries. Surprisingly, there is no limit on the number of items in these lines. It is agonizing when you get stuck behind them. Even more so if all you are attempting to purchase is a single pack of gum, and a bottle of water.

8) Speaking of water...the price of water at my work (out of the vending machine) has gone up this year. Currently, it is at 1.50 for a small bottle. Hmmm...perhaps it is time to start remembering to bring my own?

9) Yet another observation from the vending machines is the fact that "Rockstar Energy Drinks" have been added to the options. Seems ironic as all soda/energy drink items are not allowed for students. I guess somebody thinks teachers need even more caffeine. The coffee is no longer enough to keep us trucking through the day.

10) I noticed that 80's styles are back. Since I was not not old enough to dress like Madonna when it was "in" back then (I usually sported the leggings with big shirt look), do you think it is acceptable to wear these clothes now? There is an unspoken rule stating you should not partake in a trend you already wore growing up. What I am wondering, is that since I was just a kid in the 80's, do I get a free pass to rock a "Like a Virgin" outfit?

11) Justin Timberlake is actually a decent actor. I typically doubt the acting chops of pop stars/singers (Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, etc.). After viewing "The Social Network" and "Bad Teacher" I would have to say...the former N'Sync boy band member is fabulous in movies (and SNL skits).

12) I used to think the commercials for the microwave meals that cook in one minute (rather than 3 minutes) were silly. After all, can't we wait 3 minutes to eat? Is anybody really in such a hurry they cannot wait the extra minutes for a delicious processed meal? Today at lunch, when ALL microwaves were occupied (and I was in a huge hurry) I started to rethink my prior opinion. Or maybe, I could just start making a sandwich....

13) And lastly, a FINAL observation made today regarding fashion: Nobody should be allowed to wear the combination of sandals with socks. The only exception is if you are a senior citizen... otherwise, it just hurts my eyes to look at. If it is chilly enough to pull on the socks, slip on some shoes!

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