Friday, July 13, 2012

I spoke too soon...

You may remember a blog I wrote approximately two weeks ago regarding how I was going to relax this summer. I then described how I really did not have anything to do.

Well...I totally jinxed myself with that post! Currently, I am working on a Masters degree in Literacy through and online university called Walden (don't worry, I had not heard of it either, until I started talking to some other teachers). Adam likes to joke about me attending football games against our rival college, University of Phoenix and asks if I am going to fly to MN for the commencement ceremony. Not possible considering there is NO actual campus, hence NO graduation ceremony.

The online format has actually been great so far, since I can work on my own time and do not have to spend my evenings sitting in a classroom.

Since beginning the course in October, I have felt the classes were fairly doable with my busy schedule. One discussion post each week (due Wednesday) and a paper (usually about 3-5 pages) due Sunday. Most of the work involved lessons in our own classrooms, so I was confident with the workload. Even though I would rather be watching "Pretty Little Liars" instead of writing a paper,  I always submitted work on time and have yet to earn less than a B+ on any assignment.

So, a summer course should be a breeze, I thought. Plus I have TONS of free time now that I am not working.

Apparently the program designers at Walden thought so too, because the class I am taking this summer is by far the most difficult one yet. It is called "Action Research" and is similar to studies one would conduct if working toward a Doctorate in Administration or Education. At the conclusion of the class, we are required to publish our findings. And these are not the usually 3-5 page papers of classes past, but 10-12 page documents!

Let me make this clear- I have ZERO desire to A) Become a professor  or B) Work as a principal or other type of administrator. One of the reasons I went into teaching is because I enjoy working with kids and do not think I would like to be in charge of my peers.

I am keeping up with the course thus far, although the sunshine Seattle has given us recently is making it difficult. Today, I have already spent four hours reading, researching and writing a paper on "How the use of technology can increase student motivation in writing" (I know, you are all DYING to read it when I finish- don't worry, I will gladly email you a copy).

 This adult version of "summer school" is certainly not as enjoyable as I remember summer school being in Pullman (so far, none of my Walden classes have met at The Coug).

While my summer may not be as relaxing as I envisioned, at least I cannot complain of having nothing to do... now I just have to motivate myself to stick it out.