Sunday, August 29, 2010

29 and counting...

As I was lying in bed this evening, I was struggling to fall asleep. School starts back up again this Wednesday and tomorrow is full of meetings and planning. Fortunately, I have gotten the opportunity to take my old job back, but this means more work than normal (cleaning, organizing, etc). So...I should be fast asleep at 11:45, but alas, I struggled and thoughts kept creeping into my head. The most recent... "WOW, I have not written an entry on my blog lately!"

And now, here I am after months of nothing. Sort of a busy year...getting transferred schools (back at Voyager), a wedding (Love you Adam), and a new puppy (Teddy). One would think this would spark all sorts of ideas for writing, but every time I get an idea it is usually when I am falling asleep. In the morning, the spark is gone and writer's block has again taken over.

Which is why this time, I opted to get out bed and write. So here goes:

When I turned 29 this July, it hit me: I am getting old. No, it is not the number that causes me to feel this way, but a series of events, realizations, and happenings that have sparked this list. Looking back over my previous blog entries, I noted that I had also created a list after turning perhaps birthday's are a time of reflection for me?

1) A former student "friend requested" me on facebook this year. She is a sophomore. In college. She was my student when she was 12.
2) After getting married last week, I will now have a new last name. This year at work, I will be referred to as "Mrs. Brown" rather than Ms. Perry or Miss Perry. The "Mrs." just seems to scream middle-age.

3) When I went out several Thursday's ago, we were the OLDEST people in the bar. Seriously. Except for a few REALLY old drunk regulars. Apparently, most people over the age of 25 do not go out on weeknights. It did remind me though of how much I enjoy Pink Halo's! And jello syringes, and sitting atop a piano.

4) On the same night, we were not carded at Chopsticks. You know, the dueling piano bar? I am embarrassed to admit that I went up to the bouncer and demanded to know why? He laughed.

5) It is not rare that I can be found at home watching a movie with a glass of wine on a weekend rather than hitting up the town. Unless said town is Edmonds

6) On that note, we have moved from Seattle to Edmonds. Many people here have bumper stickers which read, "It is an Edmonds kind of day" plastered to their cars. Two thoughts cross my mind when I see these: 1) What does an Edmonds day consist of? and 2) If I EVER have one of those on my car, feel free to rear-end me!

7) I now use SUNSCREEN rather than oil when outside during the summer months. Also, I now visit the dermatologist occasionally to survey the damage I did to my skin when I did bake in oil.

8) When at the drugstore, I used to wonder, "who buys all of these wrinkle-prevention" lotions? Now, I am the one purchasing them. However, I still do not think they actually work.
9) Today I was excited about the sale at Ann Taylor Loft.
10) Sometimes I miss my college days. However, I am very glad that when I was in college, there was no Myspace or Facebook. The only embarrassing reminders of a bad night out would appear on the "Party Pics" order form.
11) Some clothes from when I was in Middle/high school are now back in style. The question is...will Cross-Colors ever come back? Hope not.

12) I was called "Mam" at the store the other day. Yes, the cashier was most likely just trying to be polite, but it stung a little nonetheless.
13) Already, I am beginning to forget things, like where I put my keys, whether I paid a bill, etc. However, maybe I have always been this way?
14) My car is a four-door sedan. And it is silver. When I was a little girl, my dream was to own a purple convertible bug. The childhood Allison would not be at all pleased with the safer and more practical pick of the adult Allison.

Although at times I may feel I am growing older and becoming more of an adult in many aspects, I feel proud for all that I have accomplished in the last 29 years! Wow! I am very much looking forward to the last year in my 20's and to see what the 30's have in store for me!