Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A confession...

I have a confession. I think I might be ready to go back to work. Shocking, right?

As a teacher, I have the option of taking the summer off. I have not exercised this option until this year. In the past, I have taken classes, worked as a server, and taught summer school. This was the year I decided to give myself a bit of a break (besides the two weeks worth of classes I enrolled in).

When I pictured my summer of freedom, the possibilities were endless: lying out in the sun and reading, going on fun day trips, hiking, and maybe taking up a new hobby.

However, I did maybe one of these things. It was difficult to sunbathe due to the lack of sun in the PNW this summer, day trips were put on hold because of traffic concerns and the lack of any creativity on my part regarding where to go. Oh, and I NEVER went hiking. I really did not have anybody to go with and it is not safe to go alone. There are bears out there.

Oh, and the hobbies I desired to take up (playing the guitar and rock climbing) proved to be pricier than I thought.

Needless to say, the break has still been relaxing, but...I am kind of ready to go back to work(after my trip to Hawaii, of course).

There are definite signs I need a busier schedule, including:

1) I have begun having full-on conversations with my dog. Not just the usual, "good boy" or "ready to go on a walk?" I mean, I am asking my dog questions and answering for him, like, " Teddy, do you want to come upstairs while I get ready?" It is beginning to come rather creepy. Poor Teddy. He probably just wants me out of the house, so he can take a nap.

2) I have cleaned the baseboards in my entire house TWICE this summer. Each day in fact, I embark on a new cleaning project.

3) On my walks with Teddy (he now gets two per day), we (Teddy and I) now know many of the senior citizens and stay-at-home-parents by name. Some have asked if I have a job.

4) Going to the gym is typically my major event of the day. When I am working, it is an activity I have to fit into my schedule.

5) Trips to places like Target that I would accomplish at a rapid pace during the school year now can last a couple of hours.

6) So far, I think I have read over 30 books. The other day, I checked out a book from the library that I had already read in July, and did not realize it until chapter 4. I am not sure what this says about the genre of books I have been reading.

7) Two days ago, I made a visit to the teacher store and actually became elated with the various borders and stickers I might purchase for the new school year. Can I add that I am not the least bit crafty and despise any sort of classroom decorating. Usually, somebody has to help me put them up.

8) Each morning, I tune into the "Today" show and "Saved by the Bell" re-runs while drinking my coffee. While this is nice, I actually sort of the quick-paced mornings when I am working. I sort of enjoy the hustle of having to get ready in 45 minutes. Not the 5:30am wake-up though.

Now, I am by no means complaining about having the summer off (for those of you screaming "shut-up" at your computer while reading this blog). I just think I am one of those people who likes the structure of a schedule.

I LOVE being busy and working to fit everything in during the day. Most of all, as much as might complain about it during the school year, I LOVE my job. And I miss it after the first couple of weeks off.

And there you have it, my confession. Now, I will just have to see if I eat my words come October!

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