Tuesday, December 4, 2012


As most of you have seen on Facebook, Teddy is soon going to be a "big brother" and we are all thrilled (well, not so sure about Teddy). Although most of my friends have babies and I certainly have seen them through the various stages of pregnancy, I still held certain misconceptions about the reality of it all. Below are some of the myths I would like to debunk:

1) When you are pregnant, you can eat whatever you want and relax on the couch eating ice cream.

Sad to say that this is quite untrue. For the entire first trimester, I felt like eating nothing but white bread or crackers.  Now that I have my appetite back, I am actually eating way healthier than before-lots of protein, fruit and whole grains. Oh yeah and no alcohol. When I have my first glass of wine after the baby arrives, I will probably be completely wasted.

As for the idea of sitting around on the couch- well, I have been doing more of that because my weekend nights are not as crazy, but I still have to go to work everyday. Also, I have still been working out and while my Crossfit Workouts are modified, they feel harder because apparently everything makes you tired when you are with child due to the fact you have more blood pumping through your system.

2) Pregnant women all have a cute, little bump so everybody knows their condition

I blame movies for this one. Often in movies, women are only shown in a certain magical stage of pregnancy where they have a round bump (this is prob because said bump is fake in movies). However, at 16 weeks, I still lack a bump at all and simply look like I have been drinking too much beer! Not a cute look. Nobody show the awkward stage in movies when a women's regular clothes are tight and the maternity clothes are too big.

3) Morning sickness is also how you see it depicted in movies

Once again, I am blaming movies for this misconception. In every movie I have seen, the woman throws up in the morning and then wonders if she might be pregnant (think Katherine Hiegel in "Knocked Up"). I am sure most women will hate me for this, but I never actually threw up at all, although I think I would have felt better if I had.

Instead for weeks, I woke up feeling as if I had a wild night imbibing in drinks the night prior. So, it was like a hangover without the fun to make it worth it. Oh and it lasted ALL day, not just in the morning. Let's just say I did not look my best for these weeks. Of course, when I looked my worst was when nobody knew I was pregnant. I was convinced my co-workers just thought I was overindulging in winter snacks and staying out late partying to obtain the pale, drawn face and bloated belly.

4) It is great we have the Internet so one can stay well-informed during pregnancy

Not true. The Internet is the devil when it comes to anything medical. Now, I was bad about this before, and used to use WedMD to diagnose myself (usually it would say I might have Lupus or a form of Cancer). Being pregnant provides even more opportunities for misinformation and the ability to scare the hell out of you.

For example, the other day, when my legs itched, one website said I might have some horrible aliment that can cause premature labor. The doctor told me it was just dry, winter skin prescribed lotion. Another day, I texted my friend Chrissy, freaking out because I had consumed a hot dog at a work lunch. Later, I read (online) these were not to be consumed during pregnancy. She laughed at me and let me know it would be fine.

My mom is also guilty of looking up symptoms on the Internet. A few weeks ago, I told her I was really thirsty and drinking about 8 bottles of water a day. She called me a few minutes later and told me that I might want to ask my doctor if it could be diabetes, as she read online this was a symptom for it.

 For now, I have (tried) to stay off of the Internet and just ask my friends who have gone through the same experiences recently or wait and ask my doctor.

I have learned so far, that it is best just to consider that every pregnancy is different and not to believe what you see in movies. Oh, and don't worry, now this blog will not be consumed with pregnancy posts or my ultrasound pictures. I plan on continuing to also post about the random thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. They just probably will not be as interesting, as I usually write better after a few glasses of wine.