Monday, June 29, 2009


For some reason, for two years Adam and I dressed up as Bavarians (although I am not sure that is what the tittle said on the package) for Halloween. There was a one year gap in between this attire where I insisted that we dress as the Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing. Adam was not happy with his costume as nobody could really tell who he was. I guess he and Patrick Swayze do not have much of a resemblance to one another. Anyways, the following year, Adam asked if we could wear the costumes with the Lidershosen (sp?) again, thus affirming his love of Bavarian culture and the perfect reason to head to...LEAVENWORTH!

Which is just what we did this last weekend. For those who have not been to Leavenworth before, it is a town where people regularly wear liederhosen, eat brats, and a man plays some type of long horn at breakfast. In other words, we would have fit in PERFECTLY in our Halloween costumes! But, don't worry, we did not wear them.

A nice short drive (about 2 hours on HI-2) Leavenworth is nestles in the mountains just beyond Steven's pass, and could be a nice stopping point on the way to Lake Chelan. The weather was beautiful, people were friendly, and the wine tasting rooms were fabulous! Here are some of the top places we would recommend while visiting:

Where to stay:

Enzian Inn

(This place was great-free breakfast, a putting course, and a great swimming pool)!

800-223-8511 509-548-5269


Visconti's of Leavenworth
636 Front Street, Leavenworth, WA, 98826

Delicious food, but come on an empty stomach...this place serves 5 courses of Italian cuisine! My favorite was the Gnocchi!

Tasting: Keep mind that i am not really a wine expert and although I can swirl wine around in my glass and comment on the flavors, I really judge wineries and tasting rooms on the ambiance, people who work there, and the feeling I have while visiting. My palate can really only differentiate between "good" and "bad" so there will be no comments here on smokey flavors, hints of fruit, etc. I just know that all of these wines were "good" and the environment was an enjoyable one in which to spend the afternoon!
636 Front Street, Suite 2, Leavenworth, WA, 98826

- We liked this one because the woman working was extremely nice and helpful. Also, the wines are great! A colorful rose was especially good. For $2, you get to taste about 7 different wines!

2)Krestel Vinters

- This is the place that creates the "Lady in Red" series, and the "Blond" series depicting women in red or white dresses on the front. All of the wine we tasted here was smooth and tasty, and the older gentleman working the counter was entertaining and knowledgeable about all of the wines. Make sure you eat BEFORE you come here! They will pour you all of their available wines (about 15 of them) for about $2 per person!

This is a HUGE tasting room, with plenty of counter space for the many people that visit (and it was crowded when we arrived). The highlights of this visit include delicious chocolates from the SChocolate ( next door, and a tasting right out of a barrel!

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