Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting fit with FIDO...and hurt.

If you look in the Jackson High School 1999 yearbook, you will see that I was voted "Most Accident Prone." This never made sense to me...I have not broken a bone since I was three. Now I get it. I am simply REALLY clumsy, and somehow manage to end up tripping, falling, banging into various things on a regular basis. It is not even like I engage in dangerous sport or activities. I run. On flat surface. On a path.

A few weeks ago, I was volunteering at "Get Fit With FIDO" at the Seattle Animal Shelter (great program if you like running and dogs). Excitedly, I selected a nice Beagle named Linus as my running buddy that morning. He was a small but sturdy little guy who was anxious to gallop along at Myrtle Edwards Park. Everything was going fine until...I some how found myself entangled in Linus's leash.

Flying forward, I braced myself, and in an attempt not to land on Linus, I came crashing down on my knees. More embarrassed than injured, I hurriedly scampered to my feet. Immediately, people surrounded me, asking if I was okay. Slightly confused, I glanced down at my knee.

Blood was gushing everywhere. A nice couple who witnessed my humiliation grabbed a hold of the leash and helped me to walk to the water fountain where the other FIDO volunteers were waiting. My sister Meaghan looked puzzled when she saw this couple with Linus, and me limping while pressing a napkin to my knee. "Did your sister get hurt again" a lady from the animal shelter asked. (I was bit by a dog earlier this year, but that is another story).

Everybody ignored my claims that I was okay, and called for back-up. I insisted that I did not need a ride back, and hobbled along for the remaining 1/2 mile.

Needless to say, I probably should not have pretended I was okay and just gone in for stitches. Now, I have a huge scar on my knee, and it is stiff when I wake up in the morning! Is this a sign I am becoming "old?" It never used to hurt when I fell...

Perhaps I should invest in some knee pads and elbow guards?

Linus, the Beagle handled this whole ordeal quite well (he seemed very concerned after I tripped over him). Sadly, he is still searching for his forever home. If you are looking for a nice Beagle, let me know! That is him, in the photo above!

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