Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Now?!

So, after I graduated from College (GO COUGS) in 2003, I began penning a novel (a memoir of sorts) about my life, and the lives of me and my friends. As 23-year olds new to Seattle and going out all the time, I had MANY interesting anecdotes to share!

Needless to say, I became rather busy with work, and let this fall to the wayside. Now, my life is not quite as exciting, so I am not sure if anybody would enjoy reading about how I get up at 5:30, teach 6th graders, and then come home and watch TV...I am guessing, it would not be a bestseller!

Anyways, today, my good friend Chrissy was talking about starting a family blog so people could see pictures of her adorable 6 week old little girl, Livvy. She suggested that I start a blog too, so I did. I am not promising much. I have no cute baby pics. I am not crafty (I have attempted scrapbooking once, and the outcome was horrible). I do not have photos of delicious meals I have prepared. This will just be a blog of random thoughts, wonderings, etc. of my life! Hopefully, this will lead to a new novel??? Enjoy!

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