Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is fall

When I was younger, I absolutely loved summer and despised when the days became shorter and evenings colder, darker and usually (in Seattle anyhow) rainier. Summer was always my favorite time of year. I could hang out in my jean shorts (jorts) and flip-flops and read a good book outside until 7 or 8 pm. Oh yeah, and as a teacher, I also have the summers off, making it all the more relaxing.

I never understood when people claimed that fall (FALL) was their favorite season. How could anybody like fall? They would try to persuade me with talk of cute sweaters, new boots, and the great scenery of the leaves changing. Never, did I comprehend their reasoning. SUMMER, not fall was the best season.

This year, however, I am beginning to rethink my past beliefs. Fall just might be my favorite season after all. Why the change of heart, you might ask? Here are a few reasons for the change:

1) The fact I had purchased a new pair of black boots and was ecstatic when the morning was finally cool enough for me to sport them with my new skirt, rather then wearing my peep-toed pumps. Also, the boots are much more comfortable...

2) It is much more enjoyable to go for a run in the crisp air than in the scorching heat. I also was able to take in the fall foliage as I ventured around Edmonds.

3) Being lazy is easier, MUCH easier when it is not sunny outside. Finally, an excuse to watch Lifetime movies during the day.

4) Fall is excellent weather for wine-tasting. Unlike the summer months, when reds are more difficult to drink, fall provides the perfect palate for a variety of different kinds of wine!

5) All of my fav TV shows are back. With new episodes. No more re-runs. Although, I am still waiting for the Pretty Little Liars premiere this week...

6) My warm, puffy coat. Enough said. I know it is not the more attractive, stylish thing in the world, but it is SO cozy!

7) I have an excuse to not wash my car. It might rain after all.

8) Hot totties...with marshmallow vodka. Yum.

9) Fall is an excellent time for experimenting with hair color. Time to go dark again?

10) Halloween. Who doesn't like carving pumpkins and eating tons of candy? Not to mention... "Halloween is the one night a year where a girl can dress like a total slut and nobody can say anything about it." (Sorry, had to throw a "Mean Girls" quote in here- best movie of all-time)...

Happy Fall everybody!

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  1. I think this year has been especially nice. Fall definitely gets my vote for favorite season!