Monday, October 31, 2011's the one night a year...

I am all for letting your "inner slut" shine through on Halloween. Go ahead. Dress as a "sexy ladybug" or a "sexy construction worker." Heck, even sport a "prostitute" or "Stripper" outfit. It is the one time a year where we can truly become somebody else for the day.

That being said, the one genre of "slut gear" that irks me is when said sexy costume is a child's costume. I mean when the actual character is a child and then the costume is sluttified*...seems a tad paedophilic* if you ask me. Here are some examples I have spotted around town over the years. (These are costumes that should never be worn in the "sexy variety")

- Sexy Strawberry Shortcake (pretty sure she was about 4 years old...eww)
- Sexy Raggedy Anne
- Sexy Alice in Wonderland (she was, like 10 in the book)
- Sexy Gingerbread Boy (this one is just plain wrong...dressing as a sexy boy?)
- Sexy Miss Muffett
- Sexy Bo Peep
- A Sexy baby (okay, I did not really see this costume, but would not be surprised if some college girl wore it last weekend).

I admit... in my day, I have created some scandalous costumes. Halloween would stretch over a 4-night (hazy) escapade, requiring one to come up with separate costumes for each drunken evening. Sometimes, said costumes were not even for Halloween, but for a Fraternity Philanthropy (exhibit A: piece of red, sequin fabric tied around to resemble a shirt/bra).

As I get older, I realize I should cherish those days, when Halloween was just a reason to show some serious skin.

Now that I am out of my 20's, I realize grown women look ridiculous in "Legs Avenue" costumes- or maybe we look even better (minus the freshman 15?), but nevertheless, the sexy gear has retreated to the costume bin in my storage closet.

My only plea is for all college girls (and perhaps some older women as well)... to pick your "sexy" costume responsible. No normal man is going to be into an adult women dressed a slutty "Dora the Explorer."

*not sure if these are real words, except maybe in the Urban Dictionary, but they seemed to fit with the context of this entry!

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