Friday, September 20, 2013

Things that used to be fun...but now are not.

Sorry for the incredible lack of creativity in the title, but there really is no other way to describe this post.

In my twenties (particularly my early 20's), there were many things that I thought were amazing and could not imagine having it any other way. Now that I have entered my 30's, I see things a bit differently.

1) Staying out late on a weeknight and then going to work the following day

When my friend Chrissy and I were roommates right after graduating from WSU, we rented an apartment in lower Queen Anne. The reason for our selection? It was in walking distance to many popular bars. Since Thursday was always a fun night to go out in college, we decided to keep up this trend. However, I soon realized that dealing with 60+ middle school kids while hung-over was in no way enjoyable! Now I stick to "happy hours" during the week as they only last until 7pm or so.

2) Living in sub-par conditions (yes, that is an actual photo of my former abode)

The apartment mentioned in #1 fits this bill perfectly. It might have been in a prime location, but it was disgusting and lacked many amenities. No dishwasher, shared washer/dryer and no garbage disposal. It was also always humid inside, causing us to often discover our shoes had sprouted mold. We did not really care at the time because we were rarely home. Upon returning to collect mail after moving out, I discovered the reason for the humidity when the landlord was ripping up all of the floorboards in the unit. There was an abundance of water underneath. Don't worry it is fixed now, so if anybody is interested in living there- the name is Prestige Lane. Great memories while living there, but I now prefer a place I can actually relax in- and do my laundry with my own washer and dryer!

3) Camping at the Gorge Campground (if you can call it "camping" as there are absolutely zero trees)

During my college years, we would head to the Gorge for a three-day-long Dave Matthews Band extravaganza. After the concert each night, we would return to our tents in the dusty, hot campground where the honeybucket lines were long and there was no running water. We didn't mind-and stayed up all hours of the night, only to repeat it again the following one.

When we were about 26, Adam and I decided  to camp here again, remembering how great it was in years prior. After attempting to relive our youth (and perhaps attempting to beer bong) it was then I realized I NEVER wanted to camp there again and would gladly make the drive to Crescent Bar or Chelan following future concerts.

4) Having a late night feast after going out at night

In Pullman, after a night out, we would almost always order pizza or go to Pita Pit. It wasn't even a question of if we would indulge in a snack late night, but where to go to purchase the tasty treats. I am going to assume that these 2am meals just might have hindered my ability to stay in shape in college...especially since I continued to work out almost everyday.

AND...Things that were fun in my 20's that I still love!

1) Girls night out

Even thought I don't get to partake as often as I used to, I look forward to nights (or days) out with the ladies. Whether it is to wine taste, celebrate a birthday or just head out to happy hour, I treasure these times with my friends.

2) Wearing high heels

I know many people think I am crazy for saying this, but there is something about a heeled shoe that immediately makes me feel more put together. They can make jeans seem dressy, make your legs appear longer and take a make a casual dress appropriate for a wedding.  Heels also makes me feel as though I am a normal height, given that most of my taller friends opt for flat shoes. Since heels are not practical in all situations, the wedge is a great replacement that gives a similar feeling.

3) Listening to rap music

Nothing helps my mile time like a little Tupac or Dr. Dre. Yes, the lyrics are a bit crass for a teacher to be listening to- but something about the beat just puts me in a good mood. And yes, I can still recite all the lyrics to Warren G's "Regulate."

4) Sales

In my early 20's I was lacking the cash flow right after graduating from college (plus a lot of the money I did make went towards going out at night). Because of this, I usually only bought clothes when they were on sale. I still get a thrill when I see the 40% off rack at Banana Republic or go to purchase an item online to discover that everything is on sale that day! The only issue is that since everything gets marked down so quickly, I often feel cheated if I buy an item at full price only to discover it on clearance a week later.


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