Friday, May 17, 2013

Don't ever let me do the following...

So, people say that having a child changes not only your life but who you are as a person as well. I am sure this is true, but there are several things I will strive NEVER to do.  Feel free to let me know if you see the following occurring:

1) Getting a "mom" haircut or forgetting to color my hair regularly. Yes, I know I will be busy, but that is no excuse for a hairdo like Kate Goslings!

2) Allowing my child to run around with "Sticky Jam Hands" after eating. This is more of an issue when kids get older and go to school. I still remember the kids in my class that reeked of breakfast food and were covered in Maple Syrup each day. And no, I was not just envious because we only ate cold cereal!

3) Wear "Mom Jeans" especially if they are made by LEE or have pleats. A long, flat butt look is not a good one for anybody.

4) Overshare disgusting things on Facebook about my child's daily activities. This includes: anything about excrement, boogers, breast feeding, vomit or pictures of any said items. Please really let me know if I "Instagram" pictures of above items that I have really lost it!
That being said, anxiously awaiting Baby Boy Brown's (no, we still have not decided on a name- we are not just keeping it a secret) arrival! Any day now...feel free to make your appearance SOON little guy!

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