Saturday, June 2, 2012

It has been awhile

So long in fact, that now "blogger" has a whole new format! I decided to "go back to school" (online) and now the thought of looking at a computer screen makes me dizzy. Couple that with the fact that this is my most hectic month of school, I have not had time to post.

This post is titled, "My Confessions" because, well...I heard that Usher song and thought it would also make a stellar blog. Also (if you couldn't tell) I have tendency to craft #'d posts. So here they confessions for the moment:
1) Sometimes when I have not showered, I put on workout clothes to run errands. I figure this way, people will at least think I was up early doing something productive. Plus, even though many people in Lynnwood hit up the grocery store in PJ's, I do not want to be one of them.

2) Even though I am an English teacher, I cannot stand many of the "classic" novels. Sure I read them in high school and college, but I mush prefer a good Jane Green book!

3) Sometimes, of the most difficult parts of my job is refraining from swearing in front of the kids. There are days when I just want to say, "Are you effing kidding me?" However, I am reminded of an incident in 5th grade when my teacher (Mr. Cronk) yelled "Oh shit" when Nate Ellison broke his hobbit figurine and how I was scared of him for the remainder of the year. This memory causes me to select a more appropriate phrase.

4) I religiously watch and enjoy many shows created for teenagers. You know the ones on ABC family. "Pretty Little Liars" and "Make it or Break it" to name a couple. They actually have an interesting plot and are NOT reality shows or CSI-type shows, which seem to be the only ones made for adults lately.

5) Speaking of TV, in order to keep up with the reality show gossip at lunch, I simple tune in to "Talk Soup" with Joel McHale and I am set. Really. He condenses the best moments of a week's worth of television into a neat half-hour segment. Plus, he is hilarious.

6) The NBA playoffs are the most annoying thing ever. They last for about three months. Why don't they make it quick, like March Maddness? Maybe then, people would actually care about them. And no, I am not just bitter because the Sonics are gone.

Well...I am now noticing this new "blogger" does not come with spell check (at least not that I can fins), so please ignore any typos in this post. That is another confession of mine...I am an English teacher who not only dislikes the classics, but also cannot spell.

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