Saturday, January 21, 2012

I know, I know... I despise everything that is popular

Before you say, "wait, she hates all things currently trendy and popular" let me begin by informing you I did just read all three "Hunger Games" books and loved them (although the first one was definitely the best) and those are VERY trendy and popular.

Now that I have let you in on that fun fact, I will say it...

I think "Pinterest" is completely idiotic.

I, like everybody else, tried out this new networking site. I even "pinned" and "liked" the links, fashion and recipes people had posted. And, as you read on a previous blog post, I did enjoy the "sock bun" idea from one Pinterster (sp?).

However, I found that I could not really get into the whole concept behind this website. After about 10 log-ins, I was bored. I tried my best to enjoy Pinterest, but just could not succumb to its grasp.

After tackling with the cause of this for some time, I have come up with the top TEN reasons why we just did not click:

1) Pinterest is basically a giant google search narrowed down. It is true. Everything people so creatively post on Pinterst can be accessed by googling a subject or idea. I guess it makes it easier to find said things and track them, but isn't that what your favorites are for?

2) I am never actually going to be able to afford the outfits featured on people's boards. Those are runway outfits... nobody can buy them in real life.

3) DIY projects are so not me. I would rather save the time and buy the item from a local artist and support my community. Not to bash on people who can recreate these DIY projects. I am in fact jealous, but I have discovered I am better off leaving these projects to those with true talent.

4) I forget that i have anything on my boards. For example, there was a delicious recipe for a cake on Pinterest. I "pinned" it to my imaginary board. And there it remained. When I wanted to bake said cake, did I return to the site and search for it on my board? No. I simply googled it. There is was. Super easy. Another reason why google kicks a%$!

5) I don't want to read people's captions about each item on Pinterest. Mainly because I forget to write my own and then it looks like I wrote the comment. This can be especially detrimental when the previous caption-writer is a moron.

6) Wouldn't it just be better to read a craft/style/home blog or go on etsy? Or Tumblr?

7) People post random quotes. This reminds me of high school, when I would write quotes all over my binder. Why would anybody want a random quote on a pretend cork board?

8) There are TONS of beautiful home decorating ideas on Pinterest. However since I do not live in A) a huge mansion b) a log cabin or c) a beach home, these ideas would all look ridiculous in my 1300 square foot townhouse. Not to mention, I cannot afford a $10, 000 couch. Sure. It is fun to look and get ideas, but again...isn't that why search engines and blogs exist?

10) The whole I idea one has to be "invited" is, in my opinion extremely juvenile. I have not heard of anybody denied membership to Pinterest. Perhaps if they were more exclusive, it would interest me to a greater degree? Maybe a test and initiation of sorts?

In conclusion, I really did want to LIKE Pinterest (just like I attempted to do with the "Twilight" series). However, I have decided I would rather waste my time in more productive ways. Like playing "Words with Friends" on Facebook...

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  1. Finally someone that is honest about pintrest. I thought I was the only one!