Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 before 30

The other night, my friend, Kelly, told me about a book given to her as a gift prior to her 30th Birthday...called "30 Things to do before you are 30." Being that I myself am about to reach this milestone birthday, thought I would come up with my own list of 30 things I hope to accomplish or do before July 6th. I realized as I was coming up with things, that I had already completed some of them (those are in bold) Here it is:

1) Backpack through Europe
2) Get a puppy
3) Go on a Redhook Brewery tour- I worked there for several years, yet never once went on the tour.
4) Run on a beach (perferably someplace warm)
5) Visit my college town of Pullman and go to: The Coug, Sella's, The Bookie, Pita Pit, and Gamma Phi Beta (for a picture opp)
6) Have a night out in Seattle that is reminiscent of my 23-year-old nights out. This would include going to Chopsticks, Ozzie's, Pescos, The Ballroom, and perhaps Tia Lou's and the Red Door.
7) Going back to my roots-meaning my real hair color, which I have not seen since I was in Middle School.
8) Purchasing a house
9)Squeezing an entire tube of toothpaste into the sink. This was something I read about in a "Ramona" book when I was little...I have wanted to do this ever since.
10) Go horseback riding again. Have not been since I was younger.
11) Bake a cake with more than one layer.
12) Learn to change a tire.
13) Sing Karaoke
14) Fall in love and get married
15) Run a 1/2 marathon. No, I have absolutely ZERO desire to run a full one.
16) Randomly break out into a dance number like they do in the movies (perhaps a "flash mob"). I have secretly always thought this would be amazing!
17) Buy a ridiculously expensive purse for myself. Like, not one from the Brass Plum where I usually get them.
18) Get a tattoo...
19) Plant vegetables in my yard that don't die and are actually edible
20) Go Sky-diving. Kidding, that is DEFINITELY not on my list...the idea terrifies me and I could care less if I ever do this.
21) Go wine-tasting in Napa/Sanoma
22) Take dancing lessons (I guess I would have to get Adam to agree to this one as well)
23) Write and publish a book
24) Dive in the mud again. Have not done this since I played softball in high school. Will be able to check this off when I compete in the "Warrior Dash" this will be technically after my 30th, but only by a few days!
25) Visit my sister in the Big Apple
26) Rollerblade around Greenlake...and ignore the weird looks people give me
27) Purchase a bike and try to ride it places...maybe to Redhook to go on the brewery tour? However, I will not attempt to ride it on the streets. Trails or sidewalks only!
28) Go Kayaking. Again, preferably some place warm (maybe I could fit this in the same day I run on a beach)?
29) Go on an unplanned road trip
30) Keep setting goals for things I want to do/accomplish even after I turn 30. After all 30 is the new 20, right?

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